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2019 Cookout!

2019 Cookout!

2019 NAS Tour

2019 NAS Tour

2018 grads!

2018 grads!

2019 grads!

2019 grads!


Material Advantage at the University of Kentucky is a student group committed to the academic and professional development of materials engineering students. We plan industry tours, invite faculty members and graduate students to discuss their research, and host study sessions and resume workshops. We also participate in outreach events in the Lexington community. For a little fun, we hold cook outs, Field Day, and other social events. Check out our upcoming events below and the events page for a full schedule!


At the University of Kentucky, Material Advantage is a student group affiliated with the Materials Science & Engineering program in the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department.  However, MA is much bigger than UK!  Nationally and internationally, MA provides access to several materials science and engineering societies: The American Ceramic Society (ACerS), Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST), the American Society for Metals (ASM International), and The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS).


Materials engineers investigate the structure, processing, properties & performance of materials. We manipulate the atomic structure [or lack of structure] to get them to behave however we want them to! 


But why study materials at UK specifically?


  • Close student-faculty interactions

  • Small class sizes 

  • A sense of community

  • Hands on coursework

  • Undergraduate research opportunities

Materials engineers work EVERYWHERE!  Our graduates have gone on to work in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, biomedical, electronics, and tech industries.  They also work at firms that manufacture ceramics, metals, polymers, and electronics.  Many have gone on to do research in industry and academia.


Watch the video above to see a few of the awesome things you can do as a materials student at the University of Kentucky!

To learn more, check out the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department as well as the University of Kentucky College of Engineering!


The officer team is currently in the process of planning/scheduling for the 2023-2024 school year. Check back soon!

Join our email list to hear about all upcoming activities!

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